understanding consumer finance and insurance habits


At Konrad+King, we worked with an auto industry client looking to understand how consumers shopped for their auto insurance and financing options. Over a 6-week period we conducted focused user research which included a kickoff workshop with the client, 15 in-person interviews, a design presentation and delivery of research documentation. Our findings aimed to lay the foundation for future product development and innovation in the marketplace.


I worked on a team of two researchers to plan, collect and present the research data into opportunity areas. I corresponded directly with a participant recruiting agency and potential users to screen candidates, coordinate sessions and explain follow-up expectations. The final deliverable included a presentation of research findings and a document with extensive details from the field.



Over the course of 2 weeks, we conducted 15 in-person user interviews in the Southern California region. Within 90-minute sessions we had participants complete their own journey map, tell us about their past experiences and show us how they chose their finance and insurance providers. We learned a lot about their mindsets, behaviors and frustrations.

Map of Southern California with pins
Map of research session locations

Data Collection


We enlisted the Optimal Workshop Reframer tool to help us capture data digitally in each session. It complemented traditional analog tools (photos, audio recordings, user artifacts) by allowing us to create tags and themes to later sort through qualitative information.

Recorded data tags
User notes in Reframer

Getting to insights

We analyzed the data from multiple angles and particularly relied on the user created journey maps. Some of the findings synthesized from the data included:

  • User needs
  • Mental models
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Pain points
  • Product opportunities


Though I can’t reveal specific findings, it’s apparent there’s room for great improvements when it comes to the dealership experience. It will be interesting to see how this market evolves as the age of autonomous vehicles emerges.

User journey maps pinned on whiteboard
Collection of journey maps