for the future of STEM careers


A core part of the Sally Ride Science mission aimed to empower and inspire students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  Career Cues aimed to do this virtually by providing diverse STEM professionals with a platform to answer short video questions about their careers such as “What’s interesting about my job?” or “What’d I study in school?”. The project encompassed both the intake of videos recorded by professionals and the searchable database of those results to the public.


I worked end-to-end as the primary digital designer for the public facing search piece of Career Cues. My work included sketching early concepts, wire framing, creating a keynote demo, coding and QAing the site. Early on I worked with our marketing team to understand business goals and technical requirements, and later with our software engineers to integrate it smoothly into the existing site.

Using constraints as design


It was important to appropriately represent the many interesting and diverse STEM careers out there. We researched competitors and other services to understand where we wanted to fit within the video search landscape. At a time when Vine was big, one of the differentiating factors in the tool included limiting video responses to short audio clips of less than 30 seconds.

Quadrant of four videos

Encouraging discovery

Taking cues from the way YouTube effectively encourages discovery, users were encouraged to discover possibilities instead of relying on specific search terms. Users could browse search results through a grid or list view design. Grid view allowed users to peruse more professional profile options in results, whereas list view focused on displaying individual video answers of fewer professionals.

Search results of various careers
Example grid view of search results

Professional Profiles

Each professional was asked to complete video questions and short bio content to supplement their answers. Viewers were then able to cycle through questions, mark their favorites and see similar careers. Getting professionals to complete their profiles actually turned out to be the biggest UX challenge.

Career Cues Profile Page
A professional's video profile

Career Cues App


A grant enabled us to turn Career Cues into an iOS app (on the App Store but no longer maintained). The app provided basic search and profile viewing functionality. I wireframed, designed and created design specs based on the Human Interface Guidelines which were passed onto our mobile app developer for implementation.

Career Cues App